Vevo F2
Customizable for your Preclinical Research Needs

Transcend Research Barriers with the Vevo F2

Meet the world’s first ultra-high to low (71-1MHz) frequency ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging system.

Vevo F2

Ideal for cross-functional biological and physiological research.

Powered by next generation electronics and system architecture. Image a range of animal models at low frequency for penetration and ultra-high frequency for resolution using one platform.


The Vevo F2 imaging system can meet the needs of researchers performing:

Seeing More Matters
  • Get superior image quality with newly re-designed Vevo HD processing

  • With optimized high frame rates, the Vevo F2 enables better visualization of dynamic processes, such as heart wall motion and valve motion

  • Visualize real-time oxygen saturation and molecular imaging, co-registered with high resolution anatomy using photoacoustics

Ergonomic Design
  • Intuitive touch screen interface

  • Three transducer ports allows switching from one transducer to another seamlessly; saving time in the lab

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State-of-the-art Technology

Experience the Next Evolution in Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Imaging

Explore Research Applications for the Vevo F2


Acquire multi-modal 3D data from tumors in your cancer models at higher throughputs than ever before. Visualize tumor vascularity with greater sensitivity by taking advantage of enhancements to Doppler imaging modes.

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Advanced 4D and EKV imaging are up to 10x faster, allowing for greater efficiency in cardiovascular imaging. New low frequency phased array transducer opens new possibilities for imaging the hearts of larger animals

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Advance your brain imaging studies by using the open access to channel data in order to apply plane wave techniques to acquire advanced vascular data.

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Acoustic Engineering - Pulse Sequence
Acoustic Engineering

Plane wave imaging
Signal processing and beamforming method development
Tissue characterization

Attention Acoustics Engineers

Vevo F2 for Ultrasound Research

The Vevo F2 now satisfies the imaging needs of preclinical researchers and those of acoustic researchers, ultrasound engineers and those that may benefit from ultra high to low frequency imaging capabilities. 

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