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Use the Power of Artificial Intelligence!

Functional and Anatomical Analysis of the Left Ventricle with Just One Click!

LV Trace in B-Mode
LV Trace in M-Mode

AutoLV Analysis Software is the latest addition to our robust suite of measurement tools customized for preclinical small animal research.

Building on our long-standing and widely adopted LV Analysis tool, AutoLV Analysis brings Artificial Intelligence to functional analysis of the left ventricle in small laboratory animals with a “one-click” solution - now in B-Mode and M-Mode

Measurement and analysis of imaging data requires a significant investment of time, and can sometimes be subject to inter-operator variability. Reliable, reproducible measurement data is the key to understanding model animal anatomy and physiology, completing studies, publishing work, and all other aspects of small animal focused pre-clinical research.

AutoLV Analysis software makes functional and anatomical analysis of the left ventricle:

  • up to 46x faster1
  • highly reproducible
  • operator-independent

AutoLV Analysis leverages two components to speed up analysis while simultaneously removing operator subjectivity:

1. Our existing manual LV Analysis tool, a widely adopted measurement tool which has been available for well over 10 years across several different generations of Vevo Imaging Systems. The tool was developed by adapting the clinically accepted modified Simpson’s monoplane method of disks approach for left ventricular analysis. These methodologies are discussed in the American Society Of Echocardiography consensus paper on Recommendations For Chamber Quantification2.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms including neural networks and standard image processing approaches.

AutoLV Analysis is available for purchase as an optional item for the Vevo LAB workstation analysis software. For more information, connect with your local area sales manager, applications scientist, or request a quote.

1. Grune, J. et al. Accurate assessment of LV function using the first automated 2D-border detection algorithm for small animals - evaluation and application to models of LV dysfunction. Cardiovasc. Ultrasound 17, 7 (2019).

2. Lang RM, Bierig M, Devereux RB, et al. Recommendations for chamber quantification: A report from the American Society of Echocardiography’s guidelines and standards committee and the Chamber Quantification Writing Group, developed in conjunction with the European Association of Echocardiograph. J Am Soc Echocardiogr. 2005;18(12):1440-1463. doi:10.1016/j.echo.2005.10.005. 

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