Product Retirement

As we continue to develop new products and improve our technology, we sometimes find it necessary to retire products. In order to help you plan ahead and manage your equipment, retired products with their related dates and documentation are outlined below.

If you require further details about any FUJIFILM VisualSonics product, please contact us through our support forms.

Retired Imaging Systems

System Announcement Supported To Documentation
Vevo 660 January 2011 January 2012 Official End-Of-Life Letter
Vevo 770 January 2014 December 2018 Official End-Of-Life Letter

RMV RoHS End-Of-Sale Letter

Service Contracts End-Of-Sale Letter
Vevo 1100
Vevo 2100
March 2019 December 2023 Official End-Of-Sale Letter

Product Service & Support Letter

Pro-rating of Service Contracts letter

Service Contracts End-Of-Sale letter
Vevo 3100
Vevo 3100 LT
January 2023 December 2027 Official End-Of-Sale Letter

Retired Accessories

System Announcement Supported To Documentation
SoniGene September 2013 September 2014 Not available
January 2021 June 2024

Official End-Of-Sale Letter

Removal from Service Contracts letter
Target-Ready MicroMaker Contrast Agent January 2024 June 2024 Official End-of-Sale Letter