For in vitro Characterization of Photoacoustic Contrast Agents and Biological Samples

Custom-designed Imaging Chamber and Customized Tubing

For your In vitro work - vital part of an imaging experiment


In vitro work can be a vital part of an imaging experiment, whether testing contrast agents for photoacoustic or nonlinear contrast imaging or imaging biological material under controlled conditions.

The Vevo PHANTOM imaging chamber and customized tubing makes such experiments clean and efficient and allows for the addition of intralipid for tissue-mimicking properties.  The tubes are easily installed and are filled with any syringe fitted with a 27 gauge needle.  For photoacoustic contrast agents, the 'Phantom' application for the Vevo LAZR-X system has been custom designed to work with the Vevo PHANTOM for a smooth workflow to characterize the absorption spectra of such agents using Spectro Mode.

The Vevo PHANTOM is perfect for:

  • Characterization of photoacoustic contrast agents
  • Flow phantoms
  • Testing microbubbles or other ultrasound contrast agents
  • In vitro imaging of biological samples such as cells


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