Spectro Mode
Get Rapid Spectral Photoacoustic Data

Characterize Molecular Contrast Agents

With spectral fingerprinting

Spectro Mode
Spectro Mode

Contrast agents are invaluable tools for angiography, drug delivery, pharmacokinetics, diagnostic and therapy applications in biomedical research.

With photoacoustic imaging, signals from optical contrast agents can be detected at depth with high resolution.  In order to identify such agents in vivo and distinguish them from endogenous absorbers, their optical absorption properties must be determined.  Spectro Mode allows the rapid collection of photoacoustic data across the entire wavelength range (680-970 and 1200-2000* nm) to determine the spectral characteristics of a given agent.  This "spectral fingerprint" can then be saved into the software for subsequent spectral unmixing using Vevo Multiplexer.

Spectro Mode features:

  • Rapid spectral photoacoustic data collection down to 1 nm increments
  • Two wavelength ranges* (680-970 and 1200-2000nm)
  • Quantification of photoacoustic signal intensity accross the entire spectrum
  • In vitro imaging hardware and software tools for enhanced workflow


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