Rapidly Acquire Photoacoustic Data at Multiple Wavelengths in 2D and 3D

Tuning In: Multispectral acquisition for photoacoustic imaging

Distinguish optically differing signals from each other

Multi-wavelength Mode
Multi-wavelength Mode

The advantage of multispectral imaging is in being able to distinguish optically differing signals from each other.

Take advantage of the tuneability of the laser source in order to rapidly acquire photoacoustic data at multiple wavelengths in 2D and 3D for subsequent post-processing with Vevo Multiplexer.

Multi-Wavelength Mode features:

  • High frame rate (1 Hz for full 5 wavelength multispectral frame)  for capturing dynamic processes such as perfusion
  • 2D and 3D acquisition
  • Component select for automatic wavelength selection*
  • Quantification of photoacoustic signal intensity by wavelength

* Only available with Vevo Mulitplexer


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