Vevo CQ Software

Get Advanced Quantification of Perfusion Kinetics with Consistent and Reliable Data

A powerful addition to Nonlinear Contrast imaging functionality.

Vevo CQ User-defined regions
Vevo CQ User-defined regions

Vevo CQ is a post-processing tool which can be used on numerous tissues, organs and tumor models, including subcutaneous tumors, abdominal organs and hind limb muscles.

The Vevo CQ software allows users to study contrast uptake kinetics as well as late phase targeted enhancement. It provides advanced curve fitting algorithms for quantitative assessment of perfusion parameters as well as color-coded parametric images useful for qualitative assessment of spatial distribution.

Workflow includes:

1. User-Defined Regions of Interest Selection
The ability to define multiple areas of interest allows selection and detection of anatomical regions with differing perfusion kinetics (i.e. tumor and surrounding normal tissue or multiple areas within a tumor). See left for example of four user defined regions of interest in a subcutaneous tumor.

2. Curve Fitting Capabilities
Three options are available such that data is plotted and generated for both perfusion and targeted molecular imaging studies.  Bolus perfusion curves for each region of interest in a subcutaneous tumor

3. Data Quantification
A multitude of quantification tools are available to generate data related to perfusion kinetics as well as molecular imaging.

4. Parametric imaging
Allows a visualize display of the intensity of perfusion kinetics and molecular signal. 

Vevo CQ

Parametric Imaging

Visualize the intensity of perfusion kinetics and molecular signal using Vevo CQ.

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