Vevo Optical Fibers and Jackets
Customizable light delivery with the Vevo F2 LAZR-X

Vevo Optical Fibers and Jackets

Vevo F2 LAZR-X Vevo Optical Fibers Information, to download the full PDF, please look under our Essential Links

Proper light delivery is crucial for obtaining optimal depth and sensitivity in photoacoustic imaging.

Customize illumination for the desired depth, sensitivity and field-of-view - just as one chooses a specific frequency of ultrasound transducer for a desired resolution.

The high-efficiency Vevo Optical Fibers come in 3 sizes and can be interchanged with the UHFx/LF/MX series transducers easily via their respective Vevo Fiber Jackets.  This results in a total of 7 different configurations of fibers/transducers to image from whole body to small organs.

Step 1

Select an MX/UHFx/LF transducer suitable for the desired animal model, anatomy and resolution.

Step 2

Attach the customized Vevo Fiber Jacket for that transducer.

Step 3

Select a high-efficiency Vevo Optical Fiber (wide, medium or narrow) for the desired width, depth and sensitivity of photoacoustic imaging.

Putting Fibers On
Step 4

Insert the Vevo Optical Fiber into the jacket and begin imaging.

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