Vevo Imaging Station
Custom-designed Solutions for Small Animal Handling

The Key to Acquiring Reproducible Data

Learn more about the Vevo Imaging Station, Micro-Injection system, and the Vevo Anesthesia System.

Vevo Imaging Station

The Vevo Imaging Station is custom-designed for handling, monitoring, and optimal positioning of small laboratory animals.

The system allows for:

  • quick set-up, alignment, and adjustment of the ultrasound probe
  • stable positioning of the anesthetized animal
  • real-time monitoring of key physiological parameters including body temperature, respiration, and heart rate
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Injector Mount
Image-guided Injection

Injection Mount

Used in conjunction with the Vevo Imaging Station, the injection mount allows you to visualize your needle and guide it to the target tissue of interest.

This can be used as a non-invasive alternative to surgical models of disease induction. It can also be used to deliver a targeted agent directly into the organ or region of interest and then visualize and quantify the injection with contrast or photoacoustics.

Micro Injector
Image-guided Injection


This specialized injection set-up offers the utmost in precision for in vivo injections into murine embryonic structures.

Vevo Anesthesia System

Vevo Anesthesia Systems

The Vevo Anesthesia System is a self-contained isoflurane-based anesthesia unit driven by either compressed oxygen or medical air. The system easily integrates with our mouse and rat handling platforms. Two different configurations are available - tabletop and rolling cart.

Track your animal's health while scanning

Non-invasive Animal Physiology Monitoring

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