Imaging Modes
Imaging modes that meet the demands of preclinical research

A Range of Imaging Modes to Meet your Needs

Starting by identifying the anatomy of interest in 2D greyscale B-Mode, users can then:

  • Measure tissue motion with M-Mode and Tissue Doppler
  • Capture and analyze exquisitely detailed EKV-Mode images
  • Visualize and quantify blood flow with Doppler modes
  • Quantify tissue perfusion with Contrast modes
  • Quantify 3D volumes with 3D-Mode
  • Visualize and quantify oxygen saturation and hemoglobin levels with PA-Mode

Learn more about each imaging mode:

High-Frequency Ultrasound Imaging

Photoacoustic Imaging

Data from all imaging modes can be quickly and easily analyzed using Vevo LAB software.

Advanced data analysis can be performed using Vevo Strain, Vevo Vasc, Vevo CQ and Multiplexer software.

Click here for more information on Ultrasound and photoacoustic image acquisition and analysis options.