Acquire Robust Data to Support Your Colorectal Cancer Research

Colon Cancer
B-Mode image of the mouse colon with tumor highlighted.

With the Vevo Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) imaging systems you can delineate colon walls, abnormalities, and tumors with high resolution. 

How Can Ultra-High Frequency Ultrasound Help with GI research?

  • Non-invasive, pre-palpable tumor identification
  • 3D volume quantification
  • Contrast-enhanced imaging colon and tumor perfusion  
  • Intestinal motility and inflammation models

Assessment of Murine Colorectal Cancer by UHF Ultrasound using 3D Reconstruction and Non-Linear Contrast Imaging

Presented by Jessica Freeling, MS, VT, LATG, Physiology Core Laboratory Manager, The University of South Dakota

•    Colorectal cancer (CRC) background information
•    Common CRC Mouse Models
•    Imaging Modalities and Limitations

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