Ultra High-Frequency Ultrasound

Pioneering the Use of Ultra-High Frequency Ultrasound in Medical Research

Conventional vs. Ultra-high Frequency Ultrasound
Conventional vs. Ultra-high Frequency Ultrasound

Ultra-High Frequency Ultrasound Technology Now Available for Preclinical and Clinical Use

The Vevo imaging platform was the world’s first commercially available ultra-high frequency array-based ultrasound imaging system and has since emerged as the gold standard in small animal anatomical and functional in vivo imaging.

The Vevo family of ultra-high frequency ultrasound imaging systems enable the researcher to obtain in vivo anatomical, functional, physiological and molecular data simultaneously, in real-time and with a resolution down to 30 µm. The systems are easy to use, non-invasive and fast, providing extremely high throughput when needed. 

They are designed with the researcher in mind, with system presets and animal handling tools for fast image acquisition and numerous protocols, software and data management tools optimized for today’s scientists.  Learn more about our ultra high frequency ultrasound systems for preclinical and clinical.

How does it work?

Tissues of different densities absorb and reflect sound waves differently resulting in high-resolution grayscale images when the partially reflected sound waves return to the transducer.

Our ultra high frequency ultrsound systems give you high resolution - down to 30 µm while imaging depths up to 3cm at frame rates up to 10,000 fps. 

Get information on: 

  • Blood flow, localization, and direction
  • Tissue motion over time
  • Presence of molecular biomarkers
  • Anatomy and size of 2D, 3D and 4D regions
  • Cardiac and Vascular strain

Key Benefits of High-Frequency Ultrasound For Your in vivo Research

  1. Non-invasive and non-radioactive
  2. Reduce animal usage by conducting longitudinal studies
  3. Co-registration of anatomical, functional, physiological and molecular data
  4. Real-time detection of anomalies 
  5. In vivo imaging for better translation to the clinic


Benefits of UHF Ultrasound