Physiology Monitoring
Track your Animals’ Health While you Scan

Get Real-time Monitoring of Animal Health

Physiology Monitoring

Maintaining and reporting ideal animal physiological parameters is not only critical to ensuring your animals’ health while under anesthesia, but can have a large impact on your data.

Most cardiovascular reviewers request certain physiological parameters be reported in submitted manuscripts. Be prepared by using the Vevo Animal Physiology Monitor!

Get real-time measurements of:

  • Heart Rate
  • Respiration Rate
  • Core Body Temperature


Benefits of Vevo Animal Physiology Monitoring:

  • Real time monitoring of animal health
  • Monitor and control body temperature - even heat distribution to maintain body temperature
  • Durable, easy to maintain stainless steel surface
  • Customizable and intuitive use with tablet-based controller
  • Breakout electrodes included for flexible animal imaging
  • Oxygen saturation and blood pressure monitoring hookups available


Animal Platforms.JPG Mouse Platform: 5.0 x 7.4 inches (127 x 188 mm) - 1.4 lbs (0.64 kg) Rat Platform: 7.6 x 11.6 inches (193 x 295 mm) - 3.6 lbs (1.63 kg)
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