Photoacoustic imaging of kidney fibrosis for assessing pre-transplantation kidney quality

Here the authors utilized the photoacoustic imaging (PA) capabilities of the Vevo LAZR-X to screen donor kidneys for fibrosis prior to implanting them into chronic kidney diseased animal models and patients.

 The authors found that:

o PA imaging non-invasively quantifies whole kidney fibrotic burden in mice, and cortical fibrosis in pig and human kidneys, with outstanding accuracy and speed.

o 3D PA imaging exhibits sufficiently high resolution to capture intra-renal variations in collagen content.

o PA imaging can be performed in a setting that mimics human kidney transplantation, suggesting the potential for rapid clinical translation.

o Taken together, the data suggest that PA collagen imaging is a major advance in fibrosis quantification that could have widespread pre-clinical and clinical impact.