May 2021: Evaluation and Optimization of Right Ventricular and Lung Imaging using High Frequency Ultrasound

Presented by Allison Rodgers, Researcher from the University of Wisconsin, Cardiovascular Research Core Lab, on May 27th, 2021.

In this webinar, Allison Rodgers will discuss imaging the mouse right ventricle and lungs using high frequency ultrasound. The high resolution offered by VisualSonics technology lends itself to be the perfect solution for these advanced imaging needs. She will share expert advice that will be beneficial for anyone interested in imaging the cardiopulmonary system.

Topics discussed in this webinar:

  • Value of Evaluating the Right Heart
  • Acquiring and Analyzing Right Ventricular Images Using High Frequency Ultrasound
  • Imaging Tips and Tricks - Technique for Basic Pulmonary Imaging
  • Q&A Session