June 2021: Synchronous tracking of oxygen saturation in vital organs: The effects beyond heart failure

This is a recording of a LIVE webinar presented by Dr. Pierre Sicard, PhD, Research Engineer at IPAM/INSERM in Montpellier, France on June 10th, 2021.

Topics discussed in this webinar:

  • Photoacoustic is able to detect and track hypoxia in the LV anterior wall after myocardial infarction
  • Experimental myocardial infarction induced an early and transient decrease of sO2 in the brain, kidney, and liver
  • sO2 level in vital organs was significantly correlated with LV dysfunction and circulating biomarkers (creatinine, ASAT, and ALAT)
  • Non-invasive PAI enabled a robust and time-dependent sO2 mapping in peripheral organs and the brain after MI
  • Q&A Session