April 2022: Development and Evaluation of a Bone Targeted Photoacoustic Imaging Agent

The webinar "Development and Evaluation of a Bone Targeted Photoacoustic Imaging Agent," presented by Rowan Swann, Ph.D. Candidate at McMaster University on April 19th, 2022, provided insights into the following areas:

  • The specific components of the bone-targeted photoacoustic imaging agent, including the targeting vector and signaling agent.
  • The in vitro testing process, which involved the use of pre and post-injection scans, spectro scans, and 3D regions of interest to verify in vivo application.
  • The session included a question and answer segment, allowing for further discussion and clarification on the topics presented.

The research and development of this bone-targeted photoacoustic imaging agent holds significant promise for advancing molecular imaging and diagnostics, particularly in the context of bone-related pathologies and conditions.