Cardioascona 2024

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11th International Ascona Workshop on Cardiomyocyte Biology

The conference will celebrate its 11th anniversary in 2024. The cardiomyocyte, the basic contractile unit of the heart, is the focus of the conference. We will discuss the latest findings on how cardiomyocytes can be replaced after injury in regenerating species and the extent to which this feature can be mimicked in mammals. This meeting will highlight the epigenetic and epitranscriptomic regulation of cardiac homeostasis and disease. We will also learn how metabolism, the immune system and cardiac fibroblasts influence cardiomyocyte physiology. Our goal is not only to better understand disease pathogenesis, but also to hypothesise potential therapeutic approaches.

FujiFilm VisualSonics is sponsoring this meeting.

Hopefully see you there!