VisualSonics Update on WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Dear VisualSonics customer,

FUJIFILM VisualSonics Inc. ("VisualSonics") is aware of the recent global attack of the WannaCry ransomware worm and has diligently evaluated the potential impact on its ultrasound systems. After a thorough investigation, VisualSonics has determined that the Windows operating system underlying the VevoMD clinical imaging system contains a factory configured firewall that protects the system from the WannaCry ransomware worm.

VisualSonics is committed to providing the best in class services to its customers.  Regardless of this exploit’s ineffectiveness on the Vevo MD imaging system, to ensure that VisualSonics’ customers can continue to rely on its products, VisualSonics will be developing a patch for the Microsoft vulnerability.

VisualSonics has additionally determined that the following pre-clinical products could be affected by the WannaCry ransomware worm and is in the process of developing a patch to correct the Microsoft operating system vulnerability.  VisualSonics will notify customers when the patch is available.
Affected systems:
Vevo 1100
Vevo 2100
Vevo 3100
Vevo 770

Recommended Preventive Action for VisualSonics pre-clinical products:
Please take this opportunity to protect your saved data by backing it up to an offline location, and remove your imaging system from the network until the provided patch can be installed.

Should you have any questions, please contact VisualSonics’ technical support team: 
Phone (U.S. or Canada) 
+1-877-299-1785 (toll free)
Phone (Outside U.S. or Canada)
+1-416-484-5000, or call your local representative
Fax +1-425-951-6700

Europe Service Center
Main: +31 20 751 2020
English support: +44 14 6234 1151
French support: +33 1 8288 0702
German support: +49 69 8088 4030
Italian support: +39 02 9475 3655
Spanish support: +34 91 123 8451
Asia Service Center +65 6380-5581