Vevo Research Award 2021 Recipients


Name: Teresa Oranges MD, PhD
Title: Ultra-high frequency ultrasound in melanoma management: a new combined ultrasonographic-histopathological approach.

Name: Steven Weiner, MD
Title: Using duplex ultrasound in an aesthetic practice.

Name: Rossana Izzetti, DDS, PhD
Title: Ultra-high frequency ultrasound of labial glands in Sjögren's Syndrome.


Name: Alwin De Jong, PhD
Title: Inhibition of BMP9 and BMP10 signaling by the ALK1-Fc Ligand Trap enhances systemic inflammation and increases vein graft atherosclerosis.


Name: Alexander Dhaliwal
Title: Microbubble shell composition alters organ biodistribution and focused ultrasound-enabled delivery to orthotopic breast tumors: a mutlimodal, quantitative evaluation of lipid microbubble shell fate.

Name: Azaam Aziz, PhD
Title: Medical imaging of microrobots: toard in vivo applications.

Name: Christopher Salinas
Title: Short-wave infrared photoacoustic spectroscopy for lipid and water detection.

Name: Mohammad Saad, PhD
Title: EGFR-targeted multi-modal molecular imaging and treatment in a heterocellular model of head and neck cancers.

Name: Ali Kamali
Title: The golden hour: capturing the early outcomes of traumatic brain injury and stoke.


Name: Una Goncin
Title: Aptamer-functionalized microbubbles: ultrasound molecular imaging using a fluorescent anti-P-selectin aptamer for imaging inflammation in murine models of inflammatory bowel disease.


Name: Nitchawat Paiyabhroma
Title: Brain hypoxia influences long term cardiac function assessed by 4D US-Derived cardiac strain after mild TBI.

Name: Sibren Haesen
Title: Pyridoxamine protects against cardiotoxicity after doxorubicin chemotherapy.

Name: Yohannas Getiye Estifanos
Title: Electronic Cigarette Vaping With Or Without Heating Induces Differential Pathological Remodeling In The Lungs And Right Heart.