Vevo Whole Body Imaging
See the whole body or get organ specific

Mouse whole body imaging made easy!

Image the whole body or get organ-specific
Image the whole body or get organ-specific.

Visualize and Quantify both Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Signals from the Entire Mouse Body or Select Areas of Interest—Macro to Micro

Designed for ease-of-use and improved workflow, our innovative accessory is the perfect addition to your Vevo F2 or Vevo F2 LAZR-X Imaging system!

  • Perform biodistribution/pharmacokinetics or cell tracking studies with ease
  • Monitor real-time mouse physiology including body temperature, respiration, and heart rate
  • Perform rapid and reproducible photoacoustic tomography scans co-registered with high-resolution ultrasound images in vivo

Innovative Accessory

Vevo Whole Body Imaging Set-Up

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