Eligibility and FAQs

Eligibility for the Vevo International Student Award:

  • You plan to present your work at an upcoming or already presented at recently attended conference (no later than 3 months prior to award deadline). 
  • Presentation of abstracts may be in oral, poster or invited-talk 
  • You must be a student to be eligible (MDs and government officials are not eligible) 
  • Only submissions that include data obtained using a Vevo imaging system will be considered.
  • If chosen as the award recipient, you agree to share a story about your research for inclusion in our website and our newsletter and/or present your work within our Vevo webinar series (within 1 year of receiving your award).


What if the conference I was planning to attend was canceled or postponed? Can I still apply for the Vevo Research Awards?
Yes, we are still awarding applicants for their outstanding work and we will promote your research through any number of our VSI resources (i.e. webinar, shared research story, etc.).

Who can apply for the Vevo Research Awards?
Applicants across the globe are welcome to apply for any of the Vevo Research Awards. 

Which conferences can I attend?
All national or international conferences are accepted.

Which imaging system(s) do I need to have used in my research?
Abstracts must include data obtained using any currently supported Vevo Imaging system (770, 1100, 2100, 3100, 3100 LT, LAZR, LAZR-X, Vevo MD, Vevo F2, Vevo F2 LT or Vevo F2 LAZR-X).

What if my conference dates or conference abstract deadline is after the Vevo Research Award deadline? Can I still apply? 
Yes, we encourage all submissions. You can apply for an award even if your conference has already passed (up to 3 months). We also offer to "open categories" that you may submit your work in.  

Can I submit my abstract to multiple Vevo Research Award sections?
Please only submit your abstract to the most relevant Vevo Research Award section. You may submit multiple abstracts for consideration, provided that each is unique.

For further clarification, please contact us here.

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