Advanced Cardiac Imaging
Accelerated Cardiac Discovery Through High-Throughput Imaging and Early Detection of Dysfunction

Advancing your Cardiac Research

Auto LV

Empower your Analysis using AI

Save time and improve your outcomes by using AutoLV to perform your cardiac analysis for you! Our AutoLV tool has been found to improve inter-user variability and speed up your analysis by up to 46x!

Vevo Strain

Detect Cardiac Dysfunction Early!

Detecting signs of cardiac dysfunction earlier can accelerate your research and help you make the most of each study animal. Cardiac strain has been proven as a valuable early indicator of cardiac dysfunction, both preclinically, as well as in the clinic.

By looking at deformation of the cardiac tissue across the cardiac cycle we are able to see signs of dysfunction prior to seeing changes in global functional parameters, like EF or FS. Vevo Strain has been used in over 100 peer-reviewed publications in countless animal and disease models.

4D Imaging

Precision Cardiac Measures

4D Imaging can take your cardiac research to the next dimension. 4D imaging allows you to visualize the geometry and dynamics all in one image acquisition.

Studies have shown that cardiac functional measurements obtained from 4D images are more closely correlated to gold standard cardiac MRI.

Color EKV

Unparalleled Visualization of Cardiac Flow Dynamics

Brand new to the Vevo F2 imaging platform, Color or Power Doppler blood flow can be visualized with the highest frame rates in 2D EKV or 3D. This provides a detailed view blood flow dynamics to expand your research even further.

Amazing features available on the Vevo F2 and Vevo F2 data!

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